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This course is intentionally left empty.

Access using the teacher role, add some activities and resources.

Course image Decision support tool

This collaboration decision support tool has been designed as a resource to aid organisations considering entering into or forming collaborations to (a) help to determine if collaboration is the most appropriate model,  (b) assess current capacity and capability to undertake collaborative action, and (c) offer strategies and resources with which to go forward. It is informed by a strong evidence base drawn from research and practice.

Course image Pukunui's LMS Preview
Pukunui Demo

Embark on a journey through the realm of online learning while experiencing the versatile tools and activities offered by the Moodle Learning Management System (LMS). Designed to showcase the capabilities of Moodle and demonstrate various online learning methodologies, this course offers a unique blend of theory and practical application.

Discover the fundamentals of effective online learning, from engagement strategies to collaborative activities, all within the immersive environment of Moodle LMS. Through interactive modules and simulated scenarios, you'll explore how different forms of online learning can enhance your understanding and proficiency in various subjects.

Engage with dynamic course materials, participate in collaborative discussions, and leverage Moodle's diverse range of learning resources to deepen your knowledge and skills. By the end of this course, not only will you have a solid foundation in online learning principles, but you'll also have firsthand experience of how effective online education can be achieved through Moodle LMS.

Course image Learn English with H5P
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A course of basic English teaching activities demonstrating various H5P activities integrated into Moodle

Course image Junior Geography: Where's Matt?
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An  introduction for younger children to Google Earth/Google Maps,focusing on  the Geography of Place. Conditional activities are set so that once the students have watched the video and click the tick/checkbox, all the activities will then appear.